I hadn’t talked to him in over a week. I had been thinking of calling him today, and then he reached out and texted me “hiya :)”  so I called him back.  We talked for a couple hours.

He sounds healthier than ever. I am mad that I don’t get to experience the new man he is becoming. He apologized again for the years of verbal abuse. He’s simply not angry like that anymore…    Lucky me ….  I had to live with all that anger, but SHE gets a happy healthier boyfriend.

We got all caught up with lives and financial issues.  Then I wanted to know the dirty details of his incestuous band, and I got them. I knew it was dangerous to ask, because I don’t really want to hear the answers.

He told me they are back to “dating” again, and it hurt me far more than I expected it to.

Next time I won’t ask.


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