when will i learn not to reach?

i found a text this morning
he wrote
“I want to come home”
he sent at 4:30 AM
notice its all about what he “wants”

so then at 6AM he posts
“Can we hang out? I miss you very much”
now thats more like it.
this works on me, so i type him back
about calling me later for dinner
i dont get a call, I text twice after work
he doesnt text back
i finally call
“im hungry” I say
he puts on his most pathetic voice
and chooses not to meet me

it turns out the same every time
i secretly have my hopes up
that he loves me
and wants to make it work
but he is not making any effort
in any areas of his life
he is in a deep pit
and only hard work will pull him out

he reached out to me
i reached back
and he turned it away.

he is a fool.


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